Kdrama addiction 911 : Emergency Couple


Okay so i decided to try this drama since i wondered how choi jin hyuk will pull off a rom-com.. its just that i liked him in his previous dramas that i watched but he wasn’t the lead there which also makes me want see him for the first time as the lead guy.. also, it’s song ji hyo so its enough to push me try to watch the first ep. And I DID NOT REGRET IT. the first ep was hilarious and it gets better and better that i watched all the 6 eps continuously.. i like that its fun to watch and at the same time i feel for the broken relationship of the leads… i want to see how they’ll realize that they were meant for each other, two times the charm maybe? anyway im already so excited for fridays and saturdays… so for anyone looking for a gud kdrama to watch, i definitely recommend this one!!!

my inner most desire for the flow of the story is that dr gook fell in love with oh jin hee and then changmin will get all jealous and realize his feelings for her… that he’ll finally look for the reason of their failed marriage and work it out… so excited to see how it will go! Emergency couple fighting!!


Song Joong Ki enters the Military, see u in two years time Yongha/Kang Maru! ^^~

Song Joong Ki enters the Military, see u in two years time Yongha/Kang Maru! ^^~

Song Joong Ki Says His Last Goodbye in Fan Meeting Before Military Enlistment
http://www.soompi.com (source)

On August 17, Song Joong Ki held a private fan meeting with around 1000 members of his official fan club.

Fans reported that it was a great time where they got to share and exchange honest feelings with their favorite actor. It is also reported that Song Joong Ki shed tears over the sadness of saying goodbye.

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The charm of Jung Yong~hwa

The charm of Jung Yong~hwa

I have always wondered how his simple smile can make my heart flutter and make my mood ecstatic… I have seen lots of handsome and good looking guys in korean dramas and even in other asian and american dramas/shows… but never have my heart flutter so much like how it did when i first saw this guy and how he charms me more and more the more I look at him and the more I know about him