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Good Doctor Ep01

It was definitely emotionally touching. The first episode was really good. I really missed seeing Joo won in a drama (his last drama 7thLCS was disappointing and it created lots of not so good rumors) that is why I am extremely happy that Joo won is back on track! I know that he’ll be a really great actor and he did not disappoint me as he takes on the character of Park Si On in this drama. So if you are in doubt of watching this, really give it a try. It’s not every day that a good heartwarming drama with substance comes out.. I am a fan of rom-com and light dramas too but sometimes dramas like this that stirs your heart deserves recognition since I can’t even imagine how much hard work everyone put in to this.

The release of the drama is perfect for me since now that I am in my third year of Medical School, I’m starting to question my decision… watching this is somehow starting to ignite my childhood dream and strong desire of being a doctor.

All in all, Good Doctor is a MUST WATCH, and if the story continues in this pace or even gets better, I think this will be one of the dramas that will go on my Favorite list. ^-^