My Written Story: My Roommate is a Guy?!

Hi! Are you a big fan of the korean drama ‘Ma boy’? I am too! Too bad that it had to end in just 3 episodes..It is a different kind of gender bender right? since the guy is the one who pretends. It really is interesting for me. So anyway, I decided to write a story inspired by the drama… It is NOT a continuation or a fan fic but rather a different story about a guy who also pretended to be a girl (for a totally different reason than what is in ma boy) and eventually fell in love with her girl roommate. Hoping you can check it out and give some feed back. Thank you very much! ^_~


Read on Wattpad: My Roommate is a Guy?!

Synopsis: Leslie is excited about entering the university she’s been dreaming about. Little did she know that she’s in for a big surprise. Her roommate turns out to be a guy, Dylan who is pretending to be his sister Donna.




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