Chapter 3: The Other Guy

Chapter 3: The Other Guy

“Hey Mitsui, where are you? We’re about to leave. The shop is about to close already.”

“I’m already on my way. Grab my bag, ok?”

Miyagi has been calling me but I was not able to answer my phone. It was only now that I’m on a cab when I answered it.

“Okay, but come quick. I have to walk Ayako home and you know how patient she is.”

“Yeah, Got it. By the way, Miyagi… you know the table where there was a commotion earlier, the group of guys.. could you look if there’s a bag left there and hold on to it too?”

“Yeah, I saw a backpack here… got it. But whose is this and why?.. Hey Mitchi don’t tell me you caused some trouble?” Continue reading


Chapter 2: Her Teardrop

CHAPTER TWO: Her Teardrop

“Mitsui! You’re back early, we have just finished practicing.” Miyagi called out to me as soon as I enter the gym.

“Oh. Yeah, something came up.” I weakly smiled.

“I see. We are going to eat out, do you want to come?” Miyagi asked. It seems that he understands that I don’t want to discuss the topic further… for now.

“Okay, sure.” I could use some company.

We went to a meat house and had some drinks.

“I won the bet. Why are you not giving me the money? Hey!! let go of me!”

“Take him out!”

A commotion started in another table. Three guys were dragging out a girl-looking guy wearing a cap. The girl-looking guy keeps on shouting and struggling to free himself. The people on the other table are looking as they get out of the restaurant. No one is daring to help the guy.

As I stood up from my seat, Miyagi grabbed my arm. I looked at him and he shook his head. “Don’t mess with other people’s business”

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Chapter 1: Memories of Pain

A/N: This was my first ever fanfic which was written ages ago, ever since I dreamt of being a writer.. (I was a frustrated writer years back since I was 13 y.o.. which was 8 years ago^^~)

I have already reconstructed bits of it and modified the story. I hope you can submit reviews and comments… thank you!

This is a semi-Slam dunk Fan fiction. Since I was a big fan back then, I decided not to change the character names. It was ONLY the characters that are based from the anime. The story is totally MINE. So even if you don’t know the anime, you’ll STILL understand and appreciate the story. ^^~
Disclaimer: I Don’t own slam dunk or any of its characters.

“Mitsui! Mitsui!

A girl with a long wavy black hair is running towards the beach. She’s wearing a yellow jumper with black stripes and carrying her sneakers on both hands. Her laughter echoes on my ears.

She finally stopped running, the water reaching her knees. She looked at me, her face a little annoyed.

“Hisashi Mitsui! Why didn’t you run after me?” She stared at me for a while.

“Okay. Fine. So you really don’t want to do this cheesy movie scene, I get it. But at least move from that spot. Look at this beautiful beach. Come on! Don’t tell me you’re afraid of getting wet?”

I just stared at her as the wind blows on her hair.

“Fine. I’ll go over there and drag you. Just stay there and don’t even think of moving an inch.” She ran towards me. She’s clearly annoyed but the smile never left her face.

“Let’s go.” She held both her sneakers in one hand and she grabbed my hand by the other. We ran towards the beach. She squeezed my hand and smiled at me. “You know Hisashi, you really are the least romantic guy I’ve met.” She sighed. “But despite that, I do love you.”

We stopped running. She turned towards me, wrapped her arms around my neck, “Always have, always will…”

I opened my eyes.

This is the dream that’s been haunting me for months. That piece of memory. Every detail of it is etched in my mind. The beach. The sunset. Her clothes. Her hair. Her face. Her smile. Her words….

I stared at my ceiling. I can hear the cars and the people chatting outside. It’s morning. It’s time to return into the real world again. The real world, the present.

I grabbed my gym bag and went out. I sat on my bicycle. It’s time for basketball practice.

I reached the gym. As I park my bicycle, I heard balls dribbling. Someone must have come earlier than me.

“Hey! Mitsui!” Miyagi said as he run towards me.

“Hey! Are you okay?” Miyagi curiously asked as he pat me on my shoulder

“Oh… yeah.” I must have looked unwell for him to ask me that. I tried to regain my thoughts back. I can’t think straight like this. I’ll put this memory at the back of my mind for now, like how I always did.

“Let’s start the practice, I’ll just change my clothes” I went to the locker room.

“He doesn’t seem fine today…” Miyagi said as he made his jump shot

It has always been like this. Every day I have to act normal just like everybody else. Why? Because life goes on. It should be..

As I got out of the locker room. I saw a basketball fast approaching to my direction. My reflexes didn’t fail me, I caught it in my hand.

“Nice. See, he’s normal!” Sakuragi said to Miyagi. Miyagi looked guiltily at me. Clearly they were talking about me.

I dribbled the ball on my hand and attempted a three point-shot. It didn’t go in.

“Don’t worry Michiboy, you just need some warm up.” Sakuragi slapped my back as he went to the locker room.

“One more try?” Miyagi picked up the ball and looked at me.

“Yeah.. Pass it.”

After the practice…

“Are you really okay? Your play is not good as before.” Miyagi said

“Maybe I’m just not in good shape right now. I’ll make up for it, so you don’t need to worry about it.” I tried to sound convincingly. I don’t want to worry anyone, I’ve caused enough worries already.

It was months ago. Days after that memory in my dream. I woke up in a dark alley. My head was hurting so much like it was about to explode. I have been stripped out of money, phone, shoes, everything except the clothes that I’m wearing that day. A police car came. Miyagi, Sakuragi and the others came out of the car and ran towards me. They said that I have been lost for a week. That none of them was able to contact or reach me. I can’t remember what happened to me at that time but I must have been lucky. Lucky to have returned.

I reached the front door of my house and waved goodbye to Miyagi. He hesitated for a while. He looked like he wanted to say something but decided not to. “See you tomorrow at practice. Whoever comes late treats lunch.” He smiled and walked away.

It is not only me who is trying to act normal. They are also acting that way around me, especially Miyagi. We both know it but we still continue to act that way because what else can we do.

I sat on my couch, opened my bag to look for my wallet. As I pull my wallet out of my bag, something fell on the floor. A picture of a black-haired girl, smiling at me. It was her.

I picked it up and looked at it for a moment.

“I never imagined that I will lose you that way. It happened so fast, I hadn’t even noticed it. I could have done something…I should have done something…” I said these words while looking at her picture. Seeing her face like this, my heart wavered for a moment. Tears are starting to form in my eyes again. I can’t. I slid her picture in my wallet, put it in my bag and entered my room.

The next day..

There were no classes. But like how it has always been every night, that dream woke me up again. I took a shower and ate my breakfast. I went outside, close my eyes for a moment and breathed deeply. Then I started to jog.

“I remember you used to jog with me..” Thoughts of her filled my head again. It’s okay. I owe this day to her. Today, I won’t put her at the back of my mind. Today, it’s her day.

I stopped at a petshop and went inside. The store looked the same as ever. I instinctively looked at the different dog accessories and dog treats.

“You had always asked me to go with you here and buy Natsu food and accessories. You get so excited just by looking at these, asking me repeatedly if you should buy this or that.”

I went outside, continued to jog and stopped when I reached the playground.

“You used to sit at that swing and complain to me that your feet is already aching. I’ll go beside you and tell you that we had only jogged a few meters.”

“You’ll look at me with annoyance. You’ll keep complaining saying things like ‘I don’t understand you at all’ or ‘I’m worse than your PE teacher’ or that you wish you just slept longer since it is a weekend after all.”

I can’t help smiling a little, remembering your cute nagging face.

“You’ll just stop nagging once I reach for your feet and massage it for you. Only then will you smile and wipe my face with a towel.”

I sighed. Sitting on this swing brings back many memories of you. I remember how much you love hanging out here with me.

“I said that I wouldn’t cry. I promised you. But sometimes, I just can’t help myself. I miss you more than anything else. Whenever I remember you, I can’t help but blame myself.”

I stood up before I start to cry here alone.

“Goodbye for now, I promise to return.”

As I was walking home, a woman’s voice came from behind…


I turned around and was surprised to see someone I hadn’t expected to see.


“Yes… I hadn’t thought that I’ll see you here.” Haru said

“Me too. I thought you’re staying in France” I went closer to her. She changed a lot since the last time I saw her. Her hair which used to be black is now reddish brown. She lost weight but there is still this warmth on her face.

“I just wanted to visit my sister so I came back for a few days. Have you been there?” Haru asked me. I can sense the cautiousness in her words.

“Not yet. But I’m planning to…But I just want to prepare myself first before I come to see her.” I answered back before I can stop myself. And there it is. I saw the change in her eyes, from warmth to sadness.

“Hisashi… I know its hard. I feel the same. I’m also disappointed about what happened to Ainah.” Haru said and she finally started to cry.

“Stop crying..Lets talk about it at my house. Would you mind if we’ll just walk?”

I don’t want to make her cry. It was not my intention. Seeing her cry makes me feel guilty.

“I’m sorry about it. I don’t mind. ” Haru said and wipe her tears

As we reach my house…

“Would you want something to drink?” I offered as soon as we enter.

“No, I’m okay. I have something to give you.” Haru said as she sat on the couch. She opened her bag and reach for a yellow notebook.

“What is it?” I asked as I sat beside her

“Here, its Ainah’s diary. I forgot to give it to you before I left for France.” Haru said as he pass the yellow diary to me.

“Why are you giving this to me?” I can’t help asking as I hold the diary in my hands.

“I know that you are very special to her. Very special Hisashi. I got it after she died. I had already read it before I left. I am giving this for you to keep. I know she would not mind because most of what she wrote were about you together. Also…I’ll be married soon..” Haru replied

“You will?” I was surprised hearing this news.

“Ofcourse, I’m not as young as you are. I’m already at the right age.” Haru said and smiled.”l have to go now”

“Really? Okay. Thank you Haru.” I walked her by the door. “and Congratulations on your wedding.”

Haru smiled at me, the warmth returning to her face. “Thank you too. For everything that you’ve done for me and for my little sister.” She looked at my face then reach for my hand. “Hisashi, I appreciated how much you thought of her. I know that you love her so much and I know that she knows it too. But you have to move on. All of us have to move on. She would want you to be happy.Whatever choice you’ll make for that to happen, she’ll understand.” She let go of my hand and waved goodbye.

Everyone is moving on. Even Haru. I hold the yellow diary tightly in my hands and close the door.

The next day…

“Hey Mitsui!” Miyagi was the first to come at the gym again.

“You’re early these past days shorty.” I teased him as I sat beside him at the bench

“About yesterday. I know I should have said something. I just can’t form the right words. I thought you’ve already moved on since it’s already one year” Miyagi carefully said to me.

“One year have passed but it didn’t felt that way for me. It seems just like yesterday when she’s here cheering for me. I just…I still can’t believe it. That today is already her first death anniversary”

“Come on! Don’t feel so bad. She wouldn’t want you to act like that right?” Miyagi said, trying to cheer me up. “You know what. I’ll tell Akagi that you can’t join the practice today. You can go and visit her.”

“Really? thanks shorty!”

I’m going to see her. It has been months since I last went there. I couldn’t bring myself to come even if I wanted to because I find it painful. Whenever I look at her name written on a piece of stone, I feel like she is being taken away from me every time. It keeps on reminding me that I can’t be with her anymore. That I can’t see her again. That I can’t hear her laughter or her voice… That I can’t hold her ever again..

As I was walking at the cemetery, I saw something that made me suddenly stop.

“Who is that guy there in front of Ainah’s tombstone?”