My Written Story: My Roommate is a Guy?!

Hi! Are you a big fan of the korean drama ‘Ma boy’? I am too! Too bad that it had to end in just 3 episodes..It is a different kind of gender bender right? since the guy is the one who pretends. It really is interesting for me. So anyway, I decided to write a story inspired by the drama… It is NOT a continuation or a fan fic but rather a different story about a guy who also pretended to be a girl (for a totally different reason than what is in ma boy) and eventually fell in love with her girl roommate. Hoping you can check it out and give some feed back. Thank you very much! ^_~


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Synopsis: Leslie is excited about entering the university she’s been dreaming about. Little did she know that she’s in for a big surprise. Her roommate turns out to be a guy, Dylan who is pretending to be his sister Donna.


Chapter 3: The Other Guy

Chapter 3: The Other Guy

“Hey Mitsui, where are you? We’re about to leave. The shop is about to close already.”

“I’m already on my way. Grab my bag, ok?”

Miyagi has been calling me but I was not able to answer my phone. It was only now that I’m on a cab when I answered it.

“Okay, but come quick. I have to walk Ayako home and you know how patient she is.”

“Yeah, Got it. By the way, Miyagi… you know the table where there was a commotion earlier, the group of guys.. could you look if there’s a bag left there and hold on to it too?”

“Yeah, I saw a backpack here… got it. But whose is this and why?.. Hey Mitchi don’t tell me you caused some trouble?” Continue reading

Chapter 2: Her Teardrop

CHAPTER TWO: Her Teardrop

“Mitsui! You’re back early, we have just finished practicing.” Miyagi called out to me as soon as I enter the gym.

“Oh. Yeah, something came up.” I weakly smiled.

“I see. We are going to eat out, do you want to come?” Miyagi asked. It seems that he understands that I don’t want to discuss the topic further… for now.

“Okay, sure.” I could use some company.

We went to a meat house and had some drinks.

“I won the bet. Why are you not giving me the money? Hey!! let go of me!”

“Take him out!”

A commotion started in another table. Three guys were dragging out a girl-looking guy wearing a cap. The girl-looking guy keeps on shouting and struggling to free himself. The people on the other table are looking as they get out of the restaurant. No one is daring to help the guy.

As I stood up from my seat, Miyagi grabbed my arm. I looked at him and he shook his head. “Don’t mess with other people’s business”

Continue reading

Books before Boys, Boys before Books?

Three friends, Haley, Xena and Ashley starts their life in med school. It turns out, lessons are not the only ones new, fun and complicated around here. They found the love of their lives but only to realize that these are not as simple as it seems. Challenging but definitely worth it, seems like this line is same for both books and boys.

Chapter 1: Impression

“Haley darling! Get up or you’ll be late for your first day.”

Mom’s voice woke me up. As I hesitantly open one of my eyes, i saw the time.. It’s 7’o clock. Shoot, I knew it, I “accidentally” turn of my alarm again. Better wake up before mom come up and drag me out of my bed.

As I go downstairs, I smell the aroma of eggs, bread and probably bacon or ham.

“Haley, i thought we agreed that you will sleep early last night. Come on and eat your breakfast right away then go. You know being late on your first day of school does not give a good impression at all.” Mom’s constant reminder fills the dining table as I grab my seat and munch some bread.

“I did sleep early mom. It’s just hard to adjust waking up early after an alarm-free summer vacation. Where’s Hubs?” I murmured as I try to fit on my mouth all the bread and eggs that my mom constantly puts on my plate.

“Your brother had already gone to school while you’re in deep sleep. Come on, finish your food and take a shower already. I’ll go prepare the car outside, okay? come out in 15 minutes.”

Great. I have 15 minutes to take a shower, get dressed, pack my bag and probably put on some powder, perfume or anything on my face that will make me look ‘neat, presentable and a bit professional looking’. Mom always emphasizes on being all presentable and neat when going to important events, for this case, med school.

Yup, I’m an incoming first year medical student at a prestigious university in our city. Me and my friends have decided to apply on several medical schools when we were on our last year in college. Then it seems that lady luck is on our side, me and my friends got accepted in most of them. But here I am, hesitating to go to my future school. My friends have decided to go to the other universities. At least they’re in pairs while I’m left alone in this school. Shelford’s University of Medicine. The reason why? one word. Scholarship. I was lucky enough to receive the offer from the university and of course mom got all giddy, proud and ecstatic about it and there you go, my school have been chosen.

“So Haley darling, I don’t think I can pick you up after class because there’s going to be a board meeting later. Call or text me once you get home, ok?” Mom explained as she drive me to school.

Mom is the head of the disciplinary department in a college in our area. So that at least explains why she is so uptight and very particular in good conducts, especially to us, her children.

“So here we are. Be a good girl, ok? And remember, first impressions leaves a deep impact so do well darling.” Mom’s final reminder as I get out of the car.

“Got it, mom. Take care. Drive carefully.” I waved goodbye as I watch her drive away.

So here it is, my new school. The school where I’ll spend about 5 years of my life. My first plan, find a friend or maybe form a small group by today.

I called Yssa last night, one of my best friends in college and she definitely emphasized on this, “Hale, find good friends as soon as you step in the room. You won’t feel so alone or out of place once you have a group and school will start to be fun, right? And Hale, you can even take this chance to find a handsome or cute guy! maybe one for me too?”

That’s Yssa for you. She’s so outgoing and for her, making friends is as easy as opening a soft drink can or opening a bottle of drink or something. I don’t know about my metaphor but its something like that. Once she puts her eye on someone, she’ll definitely be friends with that person in no time. The exact opposite of me. It’s rare for me to start a conversation with someone I don’t know, let more be friends with that person. I now it’s not a good thing but I’m trying to work on it. And as Yssa said, this is my first step in sharpening that so called “people skill”.

“Freshmen! gather at the gym for the opening ceremony. Proceed to the registration area to get your name tags and orientation pamphlet.” The voice on the speaker echoed on the campus.
This is it, the start of a new me.

The gym is already filled with a lot of freshmen and other higher batch students on white collared shirts acting as marshals and guides. The gym is a little old, well most gyms really are, but its really big. I see the basketball court and a swimming pool on the far right side. Well I hadn’t thought that med students have time for sports too.

“Your name please?” The guy in the desk snapped me back to myself.

“Haley. Haley Collins.”

“Here’s your name tag, please wear them properly throughout the orientation. Here’s your pamphlet. Your seat is on the front far right under letter C. Just look for your surname written on the chair, marshals are also there to guide you.” The guy explained in a ‘phone-machine’ like manner, it seems that he’s already tired of repeating the same instructions over and over again so I quickly go to the said area.

“C…Carter…Clark.. Collier… Collins, there’s me!” oh the simple joy of finally finding my seat.

“I said stop calling okay!”

My attention focused on a girl on the front row. She seems agitated on the person she’s talking on the phone with. I know it’s not my business to listen to somebody else’s conversation but her voice is just distinct that I can’t help overhearing her.

“I’m in the middle of my orientation now which is really important for me so whatever you want to say, just chuck it out in the garbage. I had enough of your nonsense crap!” She snapped close her phone and looked at me.

These are the moments that are just awkward. Really awkward. In her eyes, I’m the girl who puts my nose on somebody else’s business. A gossiper. A weird girl smiling awkwardly and stupidly at her right now.

“Hah…. Sorry for that. Didn’t mean to cause a disturbance.” She deeply sighed and smiled back.

“Oh… no.. it’s okay.” I answered back. Okay, somehow a part of me is stopping my mouth from continuing this conversation. It’s not that I’m full of prejudice but at least I want make friends with someone nice and not someone who I think has a bad anger or something.

“I’m Xena, Xena Buckley. 23 years old. Graduated B.S. Chemistry, Eliott School of Sciences. You are?”

Wow. She just introduced herself bluntly like that? I learned it from my mom, that appearance greatly shows what a person’s personality is. Looking at this brunette straight-haired girl, I kind of feel her strong presence. She talks to me without pause or stutters, looks at me in the eye without feeling awkward or shy at all. She sits with good posture. She’s wearing a lacy red blouse with a black formal skirt, red stilettos. Kind of strong for a freshmen on her first day don’t you think?

“Stop staring at me and tell me your name.” She said with a smile.

“Uhm… I’m Haley Collins. B.S. Biology, from Westcott University.” I replied back.

“You look young though. Or is it that you have a baby face?” She scooted towards me and examine my face.

I instantly moved my face out of her sight. This girl is really something, how can she do this to someone whom she just met?

“I’m 21. I started school early so I may be a bit younger than the batch.”

“Ah I see. Nice to meet you Haley.” She smiled warmly at me as the speaker finally took the stage to orient us.


“So we have prepared lunch for you students. You can now take your lunch here and we’ll give you a tour of the school afterwards.”

Food. Finally. Yes, I love eating. That is why I’m just a bit chubby for my height. In my defense, you only live once you know. I tried to do different diets before since Yssa and my friends tried it too but in the end I just can’t handle it. It’s something that makes me happy so why can’t I just enjoy it. And about attracting guys, what makes a skinny girl a better girlfriend than a slightly chubby one. For the record, its nicer to hug someone with a little cushion you now.. like a stuff toy?

“Here’s your food Ms. Collins.” the marshall gave me a plate of shrimp pasta with garlic bread, roasted chicken and an apple juice.

“Haley!” Xena approached me. I knew it, the moment she looked at me, we’re gonna be ‘pals’.

“Oh Xena. Hi!” I tried to smile back.

“Let’s grab some table?”


But there were no more empty tables so we decided to share with a girl who is alone on her table. She is listening to some music on her headphones so she didn’t hear us when we asked her if we could join her.

“Hi!” Xena waved her hand in front of her to get us noticed.

The curly short haired blonde girl took of her head phones and looked at us.

“Hi! we’re wondering if we can share the table with you?” Xena asked her. The girl looked at both of us and nodded.

“I’m Xena by the way and this is Haley.. and you are?” Xena asked her with a smile.

“Ashley. I’m Ashley Monroe.” She replied back, smiled then wore her headphones back.


This school is really big. The building are all painted in white and black. There are trees which I’m glad too see since I really enjoy studying or just hanging out under the tree shade like how I did back in college.

The marshals are touring us around the school, stopping at some rooms to explain whose office it belongs to or what subject is taught there. I didn’t really listen much, I’m too busy looking around the details, decorations and the views which I must admit exceeds my expectation.

“I’m just going to the washroom” I whispered to Xena then move my way out of the crowd to follow the sign pointing to the comfort room.

“Hey Ashley, where’s Haley?” Xena asked Ashley as it just registered to her that Haley was not on her side anymore.

Ashley just shrugged. “I thought she whispered something to you” Ashley suggested

“Yes I thought so too but I hadn’t really heard it actually. I was listening to what the marshal is saying” Xena answered back. “Did you hear perhaps?”

“No, sorry.” Ashley said as she pointed out that she was wearing head phones.

As I went out the washroom, the crowd of people were nowhere to be seen. “Xena? Ashley?” I called out and of course no one answered back. The crowd must have moved to another area. It’s okay, it’s easy to spot a group of people. I walked though the corridor peeking on each room but I have seen no one. It has already been minutes and i have gone to two floors already but I still can’t see anyone. Okay, I’m starting to panic here. They couldn’t have gone to another building right? And if yes, then which one?

“I…. am so…..”

“lost?” a guy’s voice came from behind me.

I look back and saw this slightly tall guy. As he went closer to me, I saw his black slightly wavy hair which is partially covering his eyes. He has a small face for a guy, not so much jaw, a little feminine, clear skin.. Slightly broad shoulders, his arms…

“You’re checking me out?” The guy followed my gaze and is smiling mockingly at me.

I turned my gaze out of him in an instant. Oh my gosh. That was embarrassing. Come on, I didn’t mean to look at him at like that, it’s just that he came out of nowhere and you know…

He smiled again. “You’re a freshman.”

“Yes. You too?” I asked back which I immediately wish I didn’t because I clearly saw his name tag. You know the moments when because of the awkwardness and shyness, you just turn into a completely clueless and not to mention clumsy person instantly? well that always happens to me, like what is happening now.

He slightly laughed. “You know, you’re facial expression is so readable… I can have an idea what you’re thinking just by looking at it.”

“What?” That’s all I can reply back. Well okay, maybe he’s not the first person to told me that. That’s one reason why it has always been hard for me to lie, but again I am planning to work on it.

“So Haley Collins? how did you get lost?” He asked me and I swear there is a bit teasing in that tone. Why? does he really think that I’m a birdbrain or something? and how did he even know my name?


He pointed at my name tag which clearly says Haley Collins, in dark black mark. Okay so maybe I’m a bit of a birdbrain to him right now. I looked back at his name tag which he turned back in an instant.

“Hey! I was reading…” I exclaimed before I can stop myself.

And there he was, laughing again. I’m slightly getting annoyed. He’s clearly playing with me. Is this his way of hitting on me? Well if that’s the case…

“Okay, I’ll stop. I see that you’re getting annoyed already. I’m Caleb Williams.” He stopped laughing though there is still a smile on his face.

“Good. So you’re lost too?” I asked him

“Well, not really. I was asked to find something.” Caleb smiled.

Why does he keep smiling? Does he like to show off his clear white teeth, red lips, cute dimples and… Okay. Stop.

“Find something? What is it?” I asked him, trying not to look anywhere near his lips, teeth or dimples.

“A lost kid.” He replied back, again with that teasing smile on his face.

“Kid? Why would there be… Were you sent to look for me?”

“Finally. Let’s go.” He smiled and grab my arm, dragging me down the stairs back to the gym before I can even open my mouth to complain.

“Haley! Where were you?” Xena asked as soon as she saw me.

“Um… I went to the washroom and when I got out you were all gone…” I explained.

“Ah. So that’s what happened.” Her eyes then fell on Caleb.

“Caleb Williams?” Xena asked.

Okay. So did they know each other?

“Yes. I was asked by my brother to find your friend here. Good thing she did not leave the building.” Caleb explained.

“Your brother?” I can’t help but ask.

“Yes, my brother is the school’s president.” He answered back. “So I guess I’ll just see you on class tomorrow. Don’t get lost again kid, okay?” He turned and smiled at me then he waved goodbye.

“Wow. So you were having an alone time with him. How lucky!” Xena exclaimed to me.

“Lucky? why? okay don’t tell me he is the son of the owner of the school or the top student of our batch or the most popular kid in the most prestigious elite college or…” I stopped upon seeing Xena and Ashley smiling at me.

“So you do know him.” They both giggled. “So tell me what did you two talk about?” Xena asked.

Okay. What did we two talk about? Nothing brainy or substantial at all. I just acted like a total stand-up comedian or a clown in front of him.

“Haley! it seems like it is your lucky day after all. You totally made an impression on him today, the first day. You totally have the advantage.” Xena is totally giddy about me being with Caleb. She and Ashley have been talking non-stop about him until the closing ceremony.
“I’m home.” I called back once I opened our door.

“Darling! you’re early. I was just about to go to the meeting, I just went back to get some papers…” Mom kissed my cheek and is already by the door when she turned around to look at me.

“So how was school? Did you left a good impression or left an impact at all?” Mom is looking at me, it is clearly seen in her eyes that she is expecting good news.. and I cannot lie to her.

“Yes mom, I definitely left an impact.”

A/N: Hi!!!!, I just made this story and I’m hoping that u’ ll like it… The story is just beginning to unfold , the characters are yet to develop and I’ll do my best to make the succeeding chapters better and better. Hoping you can submit reviews and comments!!, ^^~ Thank you for making time to read this.

Chapter 1: Memories of Pain

A/N: This was my first ever fanfic which was written ages ago, ever since I dreamt of being a writer.. (I was a frustrated writer years back since I was 13 y.o.. which was 8 years ago^^~)

I have already reconstructed bits of it and modified the story. I hope you can submit reviews and comments… thank you!

This is a semi-Slam dunk Fan fiction. Since I was a big fan back then, I decided not to change the character names. It was ONLY the characters that are based from the anime. The story is totally MINE. So even if you don’t know the anime, you’ll STILL understand and appreciate the story. ^^~
Disclaimer: I Don’t own slam dunk or any of its characters.

“Mitsui! Mitsui!

A girl with a long wavy black hair is running towards the beach. She’s wearing a yellow jumper with black stripes and carrying her sneakers on both hands. Her laughter echoes on my ears.

She finally stopped running, the water reaching her knees. She looked at me, her face a little annoyed.

“Hisashi Mitsui! Why didn’t you run after me?” She stared at me for a while.

“Okay. Fine. So you really don’t want to do this cheesy movie scene, I get it. But at least move from that spot. Look at this beautiful beach. Come on! Don’t tell me you’re afraid of getting wet?”

I just stared at her as the wind blows on her hair.

“Fine. I’ll go over there and drag you. Just stay there and don’t even think of moving an inch.” She ran towards me. She’s clearly annoyed but the smile never left her face.

“Let’s go.” She held both her sneakers in one hand and she grabbed my hand by the other. We ran towards the beach. She squeezed my hand and smiled at me. “You know Hisashi, you really are the least romantic guy I’ve met.” She sighed. “But despite that, I do love you.”

We stopped running. She turned towards me, wrapped her arms around my neck, “Always have, always will…”

I opened my eyes.

This is the dream that’s been haunting me for months. That piece of memory. Every detail of it is etched in my mind. The beach. The sunset. Her clothes. Her hair. Her face. Her smile. Her words….

I stared at my ceiling. I can hear the cars and the people chatting outside. It’s morning. It’s time to return into the real world again. The real world, the present.

I grabbed my gym bag and went out. I sat on my bicycle. It’s time for basketball practice.

I reached the gym. As I park my bicycle, I heard balls dribbling. Someone must have come earlier than me.

“Hey! Mitsui!” Miyagi said as he run towards me.

“Hey! Are you okay?” Miyagi curiously asked as he pat me on my shoulder

“Oh… yeah.” I must have looked unwell for him to ask me that. I tried to regain my thoughts back. I can’t think straight like this. I’ll put this memory at the back of my mind for now, like how I always did.

“Let’s start the practice, I’ll just change my clothes” I went to the locker room.

“He doesn’t seem fine today…” Miyagi said as he made his jump shot

It has always been like this. Every day I have to act normal just like everybody else. Why? Because life goes on. It should be..

As I got out of the locker room. I saw a basketball fast approaching to my direction. My reflexes didn’t fail me, I caught it in my hand.

“Nice. See, he’s normal!” Sakuragi said to Miyagi. Miyagi looked guiltily at me. Clearly they were talking about me.

I dribbled the ball on my hand and attempted a three point-shot. It didn’t go in.

“Don’t worry Michiboy, you just need some warm up.” Sakuragi slapped my back as he went to the locker room.

“One more try?” Miyagi picked up the ball and looked at me.

“Yeah.. Pass it.”

After the practice…

“Are you really okay? Your play is not good as before.” Miyagi said

“Maybe I’m just not in good shape right now. I’ll make up for it, so you don’t need to worry about it.” I tried to sound convincingly. I don’t want to worry anyone, I’ve caused enough worries already.

It was months ago. Days after that memory in my dream. I woke up in a dark alley. My head was hurting so much like it was about to explode. I have been stripped out of money, phone, shoes, everything except the clothes that I’m wearing that day. A police car came. Miyagi, Sakuragi and the others came out of the car and ran towards me. They said that I have been lost for a week. That none of them was able to contact or reach me. I can’t remember what happened to me at that time but I must have been lucky. Lucky to have returned.

I reached the front door of my house and waved goodbye to Miyagi. He hesitated for a while. He looked like he wanted to say something but decided not to. “See you tomorrow at practice. Whoever comes late treats lunch.” He smiled and walked away.

It is not only me who is trying to act normal. They are also acting that way around me, especially Miyagi. We both know it but we still continue to act that way because what else can we do.

I sat on my couch, opened my bag to look for my wallet. As I pull my wallet out of my bag, something fell on the floor. A picture of a black-haired girl, smiling at me. It was her.

I picked it up and looked at it for a moment.

“I never imagined that I will lose you that way. It happened so fast, I hadn’t even noticed it. I could have done something…I should have done something…” I said these words while looking at her picture. Seeing her face like this, my heart wavered for a moment. Tears are starting to form in my eyes again. I can’t. I slid her picture in my wallet, put it in my bag and entered my room.

The next day..

There were no classes. But like how it has always been every night, that dream woke me up again. I took a shower and ate my breakfast. I went outside, close my eyes for a moment and breathed deeply. Then I started to jog.

“I remember you used to jog with me..” Thoughts of her filled my head again. It’s okay. I owe this day to her. Today, I won’t put her at the back of my mind. Today, it’s her day.

I stopped at a petshop and went inside. The store looked the same as ever. I instinctively looked at the different dog accessories and dog treats.

“You had always asked me to go with you here and buy Natsu food and accessories. You get so excited just by looking at these, asking me repeatedly if you should buy this or that.”

I went outside, continued to jog and stopped when I reached the playground.

“You used to sit at that swing and complain to me that your feet is already aching. I’ll go beside you and tell you that we had only jogged a few meters.”

“You’ll look at me with annoyance. You’ll keep complaining saying things like ‘I don’t understand you at all’ or ‘I’m worse than your PE teacher’ or that you wish you just slept longer since it is a weekend after all.”

I can’t help smiling a little, remembering your cute nagging face.

“You’ll just stop nagging once I reach for your feet and massage it for you. Only then will you smile and wipe my face with a towel.”

I sighed. Sitting on this swing brings back many memories of you. I remember how much you love hanging out here with me.

“I said that I wouldn’t cry. I promised you. But sometimes, I just can’t help myself. I miss you more than anything else. Whenever I remember you, I can’t help but blame myself.”

I stood up before I start to cry here alone.

“Goodbye for now, I promise to return.”

As I was walking home, a woman’s voice came from behind…


I turned around and was surprised to see someone I hadn’t expected to see.


“Yes… I hadn’t thought that I’ll see you here.” Haru said

“Me too. I thought you’re staying in France” I went closer to her. She changed a lot since the last time I saw her. Her hair which used to be black is now reddish brown. She lost weight but there is still this warmth on her face.

“I just wanted to visit my sister so I came back for a few days. Have you been there?” Haru asked me. I can sense the cautiousness in her words.

“Not yet. But I’m planning to…But I just want to prepare myself first before I come to see her.” I answered back before I can stop myself. And there it is. I saw the change in her eyes, from warmth to sadness.

“Hisashi… I know its hard. I feel the same. I’m also disappointed about what happened to Ainah.” Haru said and she finally started to cry.

“Stop crying..Lets talk about it at my house. Would you mind if we’ll just walk?”

I don’t want to make her cry. It was not my intention. Seeing her cry makes me feel guilty.

“I’m sorry about it. I don’t mind. ” Haru said and wipe her tears

As we reach my house…

“Would you want something to drink?” I offered as soon as we enter.

“No, I’m okay. I have something to give you.” Haru said as she sat on the couch. She opened her bag and reach for a yellow notebook.

“What is it?” I asked as I sat beside her

“Here, its Ainah’s diary. I forgot to give it to you before I left for France.” Haru said as he pass the yellow diary to me.

“Why are you giving this to me?” I can’t help asking as I hold the diary in my hands.

“I know that you are very special to her. Very special Hisashi. I got it after she died. I had already read it before I left. I am giving this for you to keep. I know she would not mind because most of what she wrote were about you together. Also…I’ll be married soon..” Haru replied

“You will?” I was surprised hearing this news.

“Ofcourse, I’m not as young as you are. I’m already at the right age.” Haru said and smiled.”l have to go now”

“Really? Okay. Thank you Haru.” I walked her by the door. “and Congratulations on your wedding.”

Haru smiled at me, the warmth returning to her face. “Thank you too. For everything that you’ve done for me and for my little sister.” She looked at my face then reach for my hand. “Hisashi, I appreciated how much you thought of her. I know that you love her so much and I know that she knows it too. But you have to move on. All of us have to move on. She would want you to be happy.Whatever choice you’ll make for that to happen, she’ll understand.” She let go of my hand and waved goodbye.

Everyone is moving on. Even Haru. I hold the yellow diary tightly in my hands and close the door.

The next day…

“Hey Mitsui!” Miyagi was the first to come at the gym again.

“You’re early these past days shorty.” I teased him as I sat beside him at the bench

“About yesterday. I know I should have said something. I just can’t form the right words. I thought you’ve already moved on since it’s already one year” Miyagi carefully said to me.

“One year have passed but it didn’t felt that way for me. It seems just like yesterday when she’s here cheering for me. I just…I still can’t believe it. That today is already her first death anniversary”

“Come on! Don’t feel so bad. She wouldn’t want you to act like that right?” Miyagi said, trying to cheer me up. “You know what. I’ll tell Akagi that you can’t join the practice today. You can go and visit her.”

“Really? thanks shorty!”

I’m going to see her. It has been months since I last went there. I couldn’t bring myself to come even if I wanted to because I find it painful. Whenever I look at her name written on a piece of stone, I feel like she is being taken away from me every time. It keeps on reminding me that I can’t be with her anymore. That I can’t see her again. That I can’t hear her laughter or her voice… That I can’t hold her ever again..

As I was walking at the cemetery, I saw something that made me suddenly stop.

“Who is that guy there in front of Ainah’s tombstone?”