The first time I watched 1n2d, I was captivated.  Though most people ofcourse loved season 1 more, season 2 will always be special for me.

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Joo Won to leave ‘1N2D’

This news break my heart… my week will never be the same anymore since I always look forward in seeing him in 1n2d… I started watching this show because of him and i came to love it so much, the chemistry is awesome..it was definitely a stress reliever for me.. i was saddened for a while when Kim seungwoo and bird pd left so i can’t imagine how much more down I’ll feel once I watch Joowon’s last ep… for the first time I am not looking forward for that 1n2d episode…
I am happy with his success and very high popularity nowadays but I really really enjoy seeing the “real Joowon” outside of his drama roles/characters… I also think that he’s enjoying it a lot,. I don’t know if it is just in my imagination but I thought this show was sort of reliever or to a certain degree a relaxing time for Joowon outside his drama and other sched… but maybe he’s really being overworked…
Anyway, the news was already confirmed… Sad and heartbreaking… I wil definitely definitely miss seeing the cute, adorable, fast, good gamer and baby Joo Rodin..

Joowonies Pyong

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Song Joong Ki enters the Military, see u in two years time Yongha/Kang Maru! ^^~

Song Joong Ki enters the Military, see u in two years time Yongha/Kang Maru! ^^~

Song Joong Ki Says His Last Goodbye in Fan Meeting Before Military Enlistment
http://www.soompi.com (source)

On August 17, Song Joong Ki held a private fan meeting with around 1000 members of his official fan club.

Fans reported that it was a great time where they got to share and exchange honest feelings with their favorite actor. It is also reported that Song Joong Ki shed tears over the sadness of saying goodbye.

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