The Black Dragon 101🐉: 104 Things about Jung Yonghwa 🎸

Jung Yonghwa is one of my ultimate bias and trust me, there are only two of them… the others are just likes and crushes so for me, he will always be special. He’s more than just a pretty face. I don’t know if many will agree but I will admit that he may not have the most handsome or hottest face in Korea (which has already been taken by Lee Min ho) but Yonghwa definitely shines and is really charming.. the more I get to know him, the more I fall for him. 💖
So here are some of the interest things about Yonghwa..

The charm of Jung Yong~hwa

The charm of Jung Yong~hwa

I have always wondered how his simple smile can make my heart flutter and make my mood ecstatic… I have seen lots of handsome and good looking guys in korean dramas and even in other asian and american dramas/shows… but never have my heart flutter so much like how it did when i first saw this guy and how he charms me more and more the more I look at him and the more I know about him

[News] CNBLUE’s Yonghwa in talks to star in new KBS drama ‘Future Selection’

He’s been getting acting offers lately… hoping that it will be a good role, a fun one that is close to his personality so he can pull it well. 🙂



CNBLUE’s Yonghwa is in talks to star in the upcoming KBS drama ‘Future Selection’!

FNC Entertainment stated, “It is true that Yonghwa received a casting offer for ‘Future Selection’ but it is not confirmed yet.”

‘Future Selection’ is a story about broadcasters including PDs, writers, announcers and their professional and private lives. If confirmed, Yonghwa will make his return to the small screen in two years to play the role of a broadcast station PD who has both looks and skills.

Article credit: allkpop

note: NOT confirmed yet~ but i’m already excited about this! Really waited for Yonghwa’s drama comeback 😉

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[Completed Project] in support of Blue Moon in Philippines


FUNDS* – 16,190.00

Cash DONATIONS – 6,000.00

  • 1,000 – lizanne_YS
  • 300 – Janet
  • 1,000 – Dada V
  • 200 – Jean San Juan
  • 400 – Tammy Lascano
  • 100 – Regine Baa
  • 500 – Victoria Dalpatan
  • 500 – Nora Himalla
  • 500 – Kim Baptista
  • 500 – FanParadise Kshop
  • 1,000 – Karen Isabel Santos


  • Maricar – 720 pcs. mongol #1 pencils & 100 pcs. short brown envelopes
  • Rina, Maricar, Quellie – Buns and Juices for Brigada Ayuda Skwela

TOTAL FUNDS ================== 22,190.00

Thank you so much for your support and generosity!




In 2010-2011, we spearheaded a charity project entitled “The Way of Blue Love” where we donated an amount to help build a “Blue House” thru Gawad Kalinga Community Development Foundation, Inc. and were able to bless 2 families, the Lobo and Dela Cruz family. For more information of the…

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[Twitter|Photo|Trans] Birthday Boy Yonghwa hopes his heart reaches you

Happy birthday Yong~hwa!! 🙂 ❤



@CNBLUE_4: Everyone!!! Today’s the!!!!! Yong Day! kk Kya!!! kk Hethetdehet…This is my third birthday since debut, I think I can spend a truly happy birthday because of you! Thank you for always supporting me. Since it’s my birthday today, I wish it’s a party for all! I’m sorry I can’t say hello to every single one of you, but I hope my heart reaches you!

여러분!!! 오늘이 바로바로!!!!! 용데이입니다!ㅋㅋ꺄!!!ㅋㅋ헷헷데헷…데뷔후 세번째 생일을 맞이하게 되었는데 여러분이 계시기에 정말행복한 생일을 보낼수 있을것 같아요! 늘 응원해주셔서 감사합니다. 오늘은 제 생일이니까 모두의 파티가 되었으면 좋겠어용! 한분한분 인사드리지 못해서 아쉽지만 제 마음이 꼭 전해지길 바랄게요!

Source: @CNBLUE_4
Translated by: @Just_JYH
Posted by: Camille @cnbluestorm

Happy Happy Birthday Yonghwa~~~~!!! Thank you for inspiring us 🙂

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[Photos|Reviews] Reliving Blue Moon in Philippines Part 2

One of my insanely happiest night ever. It was my first time to witness them live personally. The happiness cannot be contained and is definitely no words can describe how awesome the experience is. They are truly truly awesome!!!, CNBlue forever!!! 🙂


Another highlight of this concert or any other concert for that matter, was the gathering of the fans. It’s a moment where we get to meet our fellow fans in person who we only get to interact online or via mobile before the concert. In my case, I was really overwhelmed and touched… even to the point of crying in front of other boices in a public area. *.* I received so much gifts, support and love from my fellow boices, foreign or local. I can’t help but be teary-eyed. It was a tiring day for most admins running a fansite, fanbase or fanclub. We hardly had any sleep for a week, no proper meal or even enough to drink. It was a hot day. LOL! But, a very memorable ONE! I got to meet a lot of Boices… you know who you are. It’s a pity we can’t spend…

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