The first time I watched 1n2d, I was captivated.  Though most people ofcourse loved season 1 more, season 2 will always be special for me.

A friend actually recommended to me to watch season 1 but while I was searching I mistakenly downloaded the first episode of season 2 and I had fun so I continued to watch it since there were already a lot of available episodes that time. In addition to this, when I saw Joo won on the screen I was shocked and delighted since I just finished watching him in Ojakgyo Brothers (i loved him there!) and during that time I really had no idea that he is a member of 1n2d. Cha Tae Hyun was also a familiar face since I watched ‘My Sassy girl’. These two guys are the only ones I know during the start of the show.

I loved their brotherhood, their interactions, the small jokes, the bickerings, the way they pick on each other but at the same time be sweet and thoughtful. They shine in their own special way. Every one is special. Every character has its role. For me, every member is important. I admit that I have always loved Joo won from the start but eventually everyone has become special in my heart. After I was able to catch up with all the episodes that time. I have come to look forward to every week when a new episode will be uploaded. Whether I have exams or even if I am busy, I always find time to download the episode and watch it. It has always been a stress reliever for me. When I am upset or is having one of those bad days, I’ll re-watch a previous episode and I’ll feel a lot better. It’s different than the other variety shows I have watched. I can’t find the perfect word to describe it, but I feel connected. I laugh and even get hungry while watching them in my room alone. My week from then on has never been the same without 1n2d.

When Kim Seung Woo left the show alongside Bird PD, I have been really down and saddened for days. When the next episode was released, I immediately felt the loss. I missed Kim Seung Woo and how they always tease him about his age. I missed Bird PD and how they always make fun of him. I missed the completeness of the show. Yoo Hae Jin who replaced Kim Seung Woo tried his best and I recognize that. I came to like him a little but no one will be able to replace the Disruptive Kim in my heart. The New PD, has not in anyway impressed me. I missed Bird PD more and more in each episode. He interacts well with the members. The new episodes were not as good as before. I was really sad since I know that the members could do better. Still, I held on and somehow it got better. I started to enjoy and laugh again. Not as much as when Bird PD and Seungwoo was there but I still had fun. The members tried their best.

The news that really broke me into tears is the news of Joo won leaving. I really cried. A lot. For many nights. His interviews regarding him leaving the show made it worse. I stopped watching for about two weeks and those were not really good weeks for me. After feeling better, I continued to watch up until now. The last episode of Joo won has just been uploaded with eng sub this very same day and I am hesitating to watch coz I know I’ll cry. Worse since the news of the other members leaving the show has come out. When I heard about this I cried really hard. I tried to hold back. I know many people may not understand and may even think that it was too simple of a reason to cry over but that’s what I really felt. I’m just being honest with my feelings.

Only Jongmin and Cha Tae Hyun will be left but it will never ever be the same again. Honestly, I am not looking forward to season 3. I can’t guarantee that I will watch it because the members are really the reason why I watched it till the end.

I will definitely miss everyone and I can guarantee that it will take so much time before I can recover from the sadness I’m feeling right now. I’m pretty sure I’ll miss each member more and more each day.

Bird PD thank you for putting these 7 awesome guys together and making each episode worthwhile. Thank you for trying your best to make it fun and special. I know that it’s hardwork but you really did tried your hardest. I salute you for that.

Disruptive Kim Seung Woo, thank you for being the best oldest brother there is. I will miss your laughter and the jokes with your age the most. I promise to support you in your future endeavors as an actor.

Liar Lee Sugeun, thank you for being the lead MC for the show. Not every MC can be that selfless to not only highlight himself but to bring the spot light to each member. I will miss your jokes, impersonations and how hard you tried to make the member’s roles special. You’re my favorite MC alongside Yoo Jae Suk.

Expression Kim Jong Min. Thank you for all the crazy laughters that you have been able to provide in the show. If I were to rank the funniest member in the show, you’re tied with Tae Hyun. I will miss your optimism, your misspellings, the way you always pick on Si Kyung, and just every bit of your crazy funny personality. Fighting Koyote!  I’ll look forward to your song that will hit the Hallyu wave like Gangnam’s style since you said that it is your dream.

Idiot Sung Si Kyung, you are definitely not an idiot. I will miss your really good appetite, the way you always argue with Bird PD hence they called you ‘Lawyer Sung’, your sweet ballad voice, your good English accent and the jokes about you being a giant. Thank you for being one unforgettable ‘King’. Good luck with your future albums and concerts!

Dog Uhm Tae Woong. Uhm Force! Thank you for all the nano-gags and all the cool chic jokes you have done in the show. It has always cracked me up since those kind of jokes really get me. I love dogs and I am really happy that you’re a dog lover too. I will miss your nano-gags, ‘great’ hosting skills and your poor gaming skills a lot. I promise to support your future dramas (even if it has poor ratings, don’t worry). I wish you more happiness with your family. May your daughter grow up well!

‘I’m Ruined’ Cha Tae Hyun, thank you for coming to 1n2d instead of runningman. You fit this show more. I will definitely miss your laughter which always rise above everyone else. You are one of the funniest guys I have seen so far. I will miss the misfortune that always tails you around. It is a funny misfortune! I will miss how you pick on the other members and also on your wife. Your son and daughter are lucky to have an awesome father like you. I look forward to your future dramas and movies!

Cutie Joo won, I love you. .. Here comes the fan girl inside me. Thank you for sticking into this show despite your continuous drama shoots. To be honest, I thought you would have quit sooner since you were always busy but I am really really glad that you held on. Hats off to you. Through this show I have come to love you more.. more than any roles you have played in all your dramas. You are one of the best actor there is and I promise that I will watch every project you will have in the future. I will miss seeing the cute side of Joo won, his awesome popularity with common people, his fast running skills, good gaming skills, poor and funny answers in quizzes and your constant hugging and ‘acting like a baby’ attitude towards your hyungs. I will not be able to hear any news of you for so many months since you’ll be spending most of your time in your musicals but I will always be a huge fan. Never think that you are not good enough. You worked hard and you did well. Fighting Rodin!

1 night 2 days will always be special in my heart. I don’t care how many times I will rewatch the episodes from the start to the last episode of this season since I will definitely miss these 7 guys. Thanks you for the worthwhile episodes.. May you guys succeed in the individual paths that you will take from now on. I hope that the friendship of these 7 guys will last more than the show itself.

I will always be thankful for that ‘mistake’ that brought me to this show. 1 night 2 days forever!


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  1. Same with you..i found season 2 earlier than season 1. I refused watching season 1, at first. But then..i download them anyway since i already watched all season 2 eps. And it was awesome! Season 2 has this special brotherhood within them, but season 1 is beyond that. Imagine they got together for almost 5 years. Try..you would not regret it 🙂

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