Joo Won on Leaving “1N2D”: “I Always Thought I Lacked A Lot”

‘Why is he even there?’ ‘Why is he still on the show’
Who told you that Joowonie? tell me and I’ll make them bite their own tongue.. I am confident enough to bet that they wouldn’t do a better job if they were in that place. Seriously, how inconsiderate can they be to post painful stuff like that.. Joo won was able to participate in the show even though he have continuous drama shoots from ojakgyo brothers to bridal mask to 7LCS to good doctor… he did not even miss one shoot. He was even able to ace some of the games and play really well.. His smiling face was able to cover up all the lack of sleep and tiredness that he was feeling at that time. Did he ever complain? On top of that he was able to be a good maknae to the hyungs… So why the hell will those people say those things… one word… hypocrites.
We love you Joo won… forget all those jealous blabbermouths. I admire your good personality. You remain humble and maintain that good innocence even when your popularity is skyrocketing. Hats off to you and I wish you further success in your career. Your true fans will always support you. 🙂

Joowonies Pyong

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