The Black Dragon 101🐉: 104 Things about Jung Yonghwa 🎸

Jung Yonghwa is one of my ultimate bias and trust me, there are only two of them… the others are just likes and crushes so for me, he will always be special. He’s more than just a pretty face. I don’t know if many will agree but I will admit that he may not have the most handsome or hottest face in Korea (which has already been taken by Lee Min ho) but Yonghwa definitely shines and is really charming.. the more I get to know him, the more I fall for him. 💖
So here are some of the interest things about Yonghwa..
1. Yonghwa was born in 1989.06.22.
2. Yonghwa’s birth place is Busan. (i like hearing his busan accent in some of his previous guestings)
3. Yonghwa’s Body secret –> There’s a red dot on his arm. (wondering where specifically in his arm… i wanna see it *blushes*)
4. Yonghwa has a nickname when he was young, thats “Yong Yong”. (cute!! he has a lot of cute names… i also like calling him Yong~choding)
5. Yonghwa’s Favorite seasons are Spring and Winter.
6. Yonghwa said that he wants to get married when he wants to, no care about age. (that’s nice <3)
7. Yonghwa wants to have two children when he got married. (a little yong! and a little girl hehe)
8. Q: “What type of father do you want to be?” Yonghwa said he wanna be a father that is like a friend. (i really think he’s going to be a fun playful dad, u know, teaching pranks and doing his imitations etc)
9. Here are Yonghwa’s Favorite fashion brand : Lanvin, Givenchy Watanabe Junya and Comme des Garcons.
10. Yonghwa’s Favorite fashion items are Shoes, clothes with a point. (he definitely has a lot of shoesssss)
11. Yonghwa hate bees and cockroaches. (me too!)
12. Yonghwa usually drinks a cup of coffee as soon as he wakes up in the morning. (he really loves coffee… i think his favorite is Iced Americano)
13. Listening to music or composing are Yonghwa’s activities just before he fall asleep. (oooh…such a passionate musician)
14. Clothes that Yonghwa wears when he sleep is Pajamas. (im imagining him in a cute pajamas, maybe ‘the Simpsons’  since he’s a fan of it hehe)
15. Yonghwa’s favorite animal is Tiger. That’s why he loves leopard things. (that explains why he’s so into animal prints)
16. Yonghwa’s motto in life >> “Power of positiveness.” (optimistic yong!!! ;))
17. Yonghwa’s first love was when he was in 1st year of middle school. (i saw the girl in one of his previous interview way back and she’s pretty, i think they ended in good terms since they are still friends)
18. Yonghwa has never dumped a girl because he can’t say ‘let’s part’ to girl. (really?)
19. Name of Yonghwa’s dog is Jjing. (i love dogs… it’s nice that he likes them too)
20. Thriller is Yonghwa’s favorite movie genre (wow, then it will be nice to watch with him and you know just hide in his arms… *blushes again*)
21. “A song for a fool” from You’re Beautiful, was finished an hour before Yonghwa filmed the scene as Shinwoo who sang this song. (aww… that is one of my favorite scene of YAB…  the moment he sang that song, I was captivated by him for the first time)
22. Yonghwa is good at playing basket ball. (Yeah, i saw him play in an episode in WGM and he’s really good, he even sang the OST for slamdunk while playing that time… he’s such a cutie)
23. Because he loves basketball,  Yonghwa fell for the Japanese drama ‘Buzzer beat’. (I guess I have to watch that too)
24. Yonghwa said that when he gets tired, he’ll listen to CNBLUE’s ‘One time’. (He’s very proud of that song, maybe that is his favorite composition)
25. Yonghwa’s favorite colors are gold, silver, black and blue. (gold and silver! yong’s unique taste)
26. Yonghwa’s favorite food is Meat.
27. Q:”Which do you like, a pig or a rabbit??” Yonghwa picked rabbit. He said rabbit is cute. (well thats cute, my pen name has always been bunny and you like rabbits…^^~ )
28. Yonghwa has one brother.
29. If Yonghwa will ever spend a summer vacation, he wants to go to the sea. (It will be nice to go with him and maybe play in the water or lie in the sand.. a perfect date <3)
30. For Yonghwa, the happiest moment in his life is every time  he does live performances. (He really gives his bestest live, he smiles, laugh and shouts a lot, sings with all he’s got, rock the stage and he even do  some cute dances ^^~)
31. Q:”When were you touched the most?” Yonghwa:”At our first live concert, by the cheer of many fans.” (aww, a dream come true for Yong Yong)
32. Q:”When you felt sad most?” Yonghwa:”When I was diagnosed with vocal cord nodules.” (Maybe he was scared that he might not be able to sing anymore…good thing he recovered well)
33. The part of Yonghwa’s body or face that he likes is his Eyes. (awww… i like everything in his face but might favorite would be his lips and his perfectly imperfect teeth)
34. While part of Yonghwa’s body or face that he hate is his mouth. (well not for me and many fans out there,  just said it, that is my favorite)
35. Although Yonghwa doesn’t compose, he turn on the composing software everyday.
36. Yonghwa’s jinx >> He goes to the rest room before the live performance. (maybe to shake the nervousness away hehe, i do that before an exam too)
37. Subjects that Yonghwa’s good at are English and Physical education. (ooh, so he used to be sporty)
38. Yonghwa was poor at Math. (it’s okay, still cute… i can suddenly imagine Yong student having trouble doing his math homeworks)
39. Special activities Yonghwa participated  in  when he was in school are Department of band, discussion of current events, pool, RCY(Red Cross Youth).
40. Yonghwa revealed that his specialty is imitating. (totally agree! he’s very good at it)
41. The biggest boast in Yonghwa’s room is Composing equipments which is being increased little by little. (and now if u see his present room, it looks so impressive)
42. Yonghwa’s childhood treasure are pictures.
43. MP3 player and wallet are things that Yonghwa keep with him everyday.
44. Q:”When you were young, what did you want to be when you grow up?” Yonghwa:”I would like to perform in front of a lot of people.”
45. For Yonghwa,the most influential people in his life till now is family.
46. Yonghwa said he learned about a lot of pop song from his older brother.
47. Yonghwa said that his favorite mother’s dish is fried Chicken Coated With Sweet Tangy Sauce (Tak-Kang-Jeong).
48. Yonghwa’s favorite place in Tokyo >> Shinjuku, Shibuya, Yoyogi park, Harajuku.
49. Yonghwa’s favorite place in Korea is Hongdae street in Seoul.
50. Besides Japan, other country where Yonghwa would like to study music at are Sweden, England and US.
51. Yonghwa said that he is not really afraid of ghost things but he is afraid of goldfish. (really? well I have evidence that he was scared before when he entered a haunted house.. see WGM)
52. Yonghwa said his lucky number is “1″.
53. Sleeping is Yonghwa’s way of relieving if he’s in bad condition.
54. Q:”What’s your favorite behavior or face expression of women?” Yonghwa: “Smiling face”
55. Yonghwa loves rainy day the most.
56. Yonghwa likes accessories and he loves star shape.
57. One of Yonghwa’s favorite song is Bon Jovi’s “It’s My Life”. (me too!)
58. Yonghwa admires actor Jang Dong Geun. He said he want to be an actor like Jang Dong Geun.
59. Q: Who is your close celebrity? Yonghwa: FT Island. (I bet the member he’s closest with is Hongki)
60. When he was student, Yonghwa was in the top 10 of his class. (Impressive Yong~choding)
61. Yonghwa: When I was a child, I had a dream of being a president, doctor or others. As I grow older, my dream changed to becoming a singer.
62. YongHwa: I’m not a double eyelid person but my eyes are relatively big, so I like and have confident in my eyes.
63. If there will be a chance, Yonghwa would like to act as a bad guy in a role someday. (that would be interesting to watch)
64. Yonghwa can cook Ddukboki (rice cake with chili paste) or Fried rice & kimchi. (yeah, i remember watching him  cooked ddukboki before and it looked so mouthwatering)
65. There was an issue before that Love light is Yonghwa’s story of first love and that he met the girl at an institute and he was attracted by first sight. But contrary to this, on an episode of WGM, he admitted that he wrote the lyrics of Love light with Seohyun in his mind… (so you be the judge, i am no shipper.. whoever the girl is as long as she will make Yong happy then I’m fine)
66. When Yonghwa can listen to the sound of the rain without thinking of anything, he’s the most happy.
67. But Yonghwa said that the weather he hates the most is raining on a sunny sky or a sun shower.
68. YongHwa is interested in hip hop a lot. He is good at DJ-ing. (and beat-boxing! I was lucky enough to hear him do this live)
69. Yonghwa has collected many car models since young.
70. When Yonghwa has finished all the schedule for the day and go home, he’ll open the computer program and start composing some melodies. (a true hardworking musician)
71. Yonghwa is the youngest child in his family and he’s pampered at home. But, in CNBLUE, he looks more matured because he’s the oldest. (and he’s doing a good job as the band leader)
72. All of Yonghwa’s family member are a cautious A blood type.
73. Yonghwa loves fashion a lot, he knows names of designers, brand, fashion show news very well.
74. Yonghwa really likes shopping. When he reads magazines, he will use the pictures as references.
75. Usually, Yonghwa likes wearing T-shirt and jeans.
76. YongHwa’s favorite Japanese musician is Mister Children.
77. The first song that Yonghwa covered is BLINK 182’s “All The Small Things”.
78. Yonghwa likes shopping for nitty gritty things as well.
79. For preparing First step album, Yonghwa runs in the treadmill a lot and gets his body into shape
80. Yonghwa’s perfumes are Marc Jacobs and Dsquared2. (i have to go to the mall and at least smell this scent)
81. When Yonghwa was in his 3rd year of high school, during the summer vacation, he told parents that he would go to school but he went to Hawoondae beach. (tsk tsk… why is this not unexpected of Yong~choding)
82. Yonghwa uses 0, 75 acoustic pick.
83. Yonghwa’s dog, Jjing was born in 2002.
84. Yonghwa was a swimming player for his elementary school.
85. Jonghyun said Yonghwa hyung can’t have time to sleep sometimes. (this is a bit sad, he needs rest… though I think that at present he looks better and chubbier which is better than the skinny Yong with big eyebags)
86. As the oldest and the leader, naturally Yonghwa thinks about his dongsaengs.
87. Minhyuk said Yonghwa takes a very good care of his dongsaengs. Once he had a stomachache, Yonghwa even gave him a stomach massage. (aww… that is so sweet)
88. Yonghwa started to have interest in music when he was in his first year of middle school.
89. Yonghwa loved listening to pop groups NSYNC’s and Backstreet Boys  when he was middle school. (me too again!)
90. Jonghyun said Yonghwa hyung, although his appearance is cool and perfect, he’s more of the joker/prankster out of the four of us. (that is so true… Yonghwa laughing is such a pleasant view)
91. Yonghwa can also play the piano, he learned it since he was young. (he can also play the flute, drums, bass guitar as far as I know.. he is musically gifted)
92. YongHwa became a fan of Ueno Juri after watching Nodame Cantabile. (he met her personally in an episode of WGM and he acted so awkward and shy around her at that time hehe)
93. Once, Yonghwa said he wanted to snatch MinHyuk’s role (drummer). (lol… you look better in the guitar Yong and Minhyuk looks cool twirling his drum sticks)
94. Q: If not for CNBLUE, what kind of life will you be living now? YongHwa: I like accessories and shoes so maybe I will do designing.
95. Yonghwa is a stubborn writer. He always writes lyrics by himself. (ohh… so that’s the reason why his songs are always labeled as composed solely by him while I notice Jonghyun composes with other writers)
96. YongHwa is not good at expressing directly what he usually feels. If he write songs, he feels like his emotion is expressed better.
97. Q: what type of girls do you like? YongHwa: I like kind girls, someone who can understand me and give me 100% support. (ehem ehem *raises hand)
98. Sometimes, Yonghwa can’t wait to have a magazine photoshoot so that he can change style. (These are the moments when I think of Yonghwa as a cute kid)
99. Yonghwa said Dancing is hard! – “I like to dance but I can’t dance well!” (but you do look cute when u try though… again I’m lucky enough to watch him dance live during a concert.. and trust me, it is one of the cutest scene in the world!)
100. YongHwa: “I would like to be friends with everyone that i’ve met.” (I want to meet him so bad! ^^~)
101. Yonghwa’s strategy on how to confess his feelings: “I’ll make an appointment to meet her through email and phone, then after I confess to her personally I’ll give her a letter.” (he writes good letters, that girl will be so lucky)
102. When Yonghwa and Minhyuk were studying in Japan, they got a call to audition for the drama ‘You’re Beautiful’. They both auditioned for the same role. Yonghwa did his lines first then he was casted immediately. Minhyuk even couldn’t do his lines. So it’s nothing to be called a competition. Yonghwa’s auditioned script was “Come sit here and drink this warm tea” [said to Mi Nam]. He even sang “Now or Never” from their Japan album, while playing the guitar.
103. He confessed that he visits fan sites. He logs in using his friend’s ID and look around whenever he has time. (*crossing fingers… hoping he’ll see at least one of my posts about him)
104. His name Jung Yong means “harmonious face”. ❤

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