Joo Won to leave ‘1N2D’

This news break my heart… my week will never be the same anymore since I always look forward in seeing him in 1n2d… I started watching this show because of him and i came to love it so much, the chemistry is was definitely a stress reliever for me.. i was saddened for a while when Kim seungwoo and bird pd left so i can’t imagine how much more down I’ll feel once I watch Joowon’s last ep… for the first time I am not looking forward for that 1n2d episode…
I am happy with his success and very high popularity nowadays but I really really enjoy seeing the “real Joowon” outside of his drama roles/characters… I also think that he’s enjoying it a lot,. I don’t know if it is just in my imagination but I thought this show was sort of reliever or to a certain degree a relaxing time for Joowon outside his drama and other sched… but maybe he’s really being overworked…
Anyway, the news was already confirmed… Sad and heartbreaking… I wil definitely definitely miss seeing the cute, adorable, fast, good gamer and baby Joo Rodin..

Joowonies Pyong

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