Chapter 2: Her Teardrop

CHAPTER TWO: Her Teardrop

“Mitsui! You’re back early, we have just finished practicing.” Miyagi called out to me as soon as I enter the gym.

“Oh. Yeah, something came up.” I weakly smiled.

“I see. We are going to eat out, do you want to come?” Miyagi asked. It seems that he understands that I don’t want to discuss the topic further… for now.

“Okay, sure.” I could use some company.

We went to a meat house and had some drinks.

“I won the bet. Why are you not giving me the money? Hey!! let go of me!”

“Take him out!”

A commotion started in another table. Three guys were dragging out a girl-looking guy wearing a cap. The girl-looking guy keeps on shouting and struggling to free himself. The people on the other table are looking as they get out of the restaurant. No one is daring to help the guy.

As I stood up from my seat, Miyagi grabbed my arm. I looked at him and he shook his head. “Don’t mess with other people’s business”

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