Good Doctor Episode 6 Eng Sub


Good Doctor Ep06

Okay, Joo won acting as a dog is too cute, I want to pet and cuddle him.. ^-^, Just as I thought, the new patient will really be interesting and true enough they were able to show how a ‘rational’ doctor in the character of Do Han would approach the patient focusing only on her medical problem but Si On which is the ’empathic’ doctor focuses more on the patient’s trauma or fears. The mother of Si On have appeared and it was Yoon-Seo who recognized the link since it seems like Si On has forgotten his mom so it will be interesting to see how she’s going to deal with it. One of the highlights of the drama is Do han’s story… he finally revealed why he was so cold to Si on and it was a very tragic moment for him and I felt sympathy on him. Just like him, one of the reasons why I wanted to become a doctor was to help cure my uncle.. It was a tragic scar for him and I wish though that through Si On, he would be able to realize another “path/realization” of how to support someone like Si On, not to force him to stay put but to help him be the best that he could possible be.  Anyway the ‘spy’ resident is really getting on my nerves, how heartless can that bully jerk be.. I swear I almost want to punch his face on my laptop.. Anyway the preview bother me, I can’t take it if they just let Si On go just like that… I have to see the next episode ASAP! ^o^


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