Good Doctor Episode 4 ENG SUB


Good Doctor Ep04

This drama is definitely getting better and better… It pushes me to the edge of my seat. What concerns me now is the character of the Assistant Director, I’m wondering whether he’s on our side (Park Si On’s side) or the evil side. The Head of the Pedia Dept (the jerk who prioritizes money and power more than the patient) is starting to tick me off. .But this kind of doctor really occurs in real life (I have met some and they stained my pure and high respect to all doctors). I’m starting to like Moon Chae Won/Cha Yoon Seo’s character and I’m liking how she tries to guide and understand Si On. The end of this episode however is so nerve-wrecking… yah! I can’t wait for the next ep.

PS: The story of the premature baby is so far the best for me… I felt so touched on how the mother tries to save the child and how concerned Si On and Yoon Seo is to the baby.  I actually cried a little on the scene where Si On correlated the hands of the baby to his brother’s hand before he died and how he sees it as the desire of the baby to live, it was so far one of the best lines stuck on my head.


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