Good Doctor Episode 3 ENG SUB


Good Doctor Ep03

Okay, this episode literally left my heart pounding. Joo Won/Si On’s desire to cure is as pure as a child’s… and it really is a difficult position to be in… weighing logical thinking and emotional burst/desires since there are really moment’s when passion to help is not enough to save a life. That is probably why Do Han (the head surgeon) is really mad at Joo won’s character because he dwells more on the rules and the facts and Joo won is more on the pure passion to cure. The character was well thought of.

PS: The comments that this drama depicts autism or mental disability etc in a non-realistic way is really ironic. This is clearly a DRAMA, not a reality show so of course they repackaged it in a way that it will be more interesting, dramatic and different (if it is so real and not different then it will be boring, no plots no climax etc… please go back to the structures of how stories are made)… If you want something that is real then go to the hospital yourself and watch how they do things. I just hate it when people easily says bad stuff without considering the effort in the production of this drama. Again, maybe cliche but think before you click!


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