My Korean Drama List: Quick Look

This is a quick look on probably all the dramas that I have watched so far…I’m giving a quick review on these especially highlighting the ones I personally highly recommend. The more detailed and structured reviews will come later. Hope it helps!

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1. Full House

Romantic Comedy and a Classic

Highly recommended. Fun, Light and Cute

2. Mischievous Kiss/Playful Kiss
School, Romantic Comedy

Highly recommended. Fun, Cute and a little addicting
PS: Kim Hyunjoong is hot.. ^^

3. My Princess
Royalty, Romantic Comedy

I wasn’t able to finish this one, the later parts less interesting as the first parts. But many are fans of this drama so you might as well try

4. You’re Beautiful
Romantic Comedy, Idol, Musical, Gender Bender

Recommended. Fun, hooking and impressive from the start.Interesting different love lines though I’m more of Shinwoo-MiNam shipper

This is the drama that introduced me to my ultimate bias, Yonghwa

5. Snow Queen
Romance, Drama

Highly Recommended. You’ll need tissue for this but it will be really worth it. The story is really good and touching from start to finish.

6. Perfect Match/Personal Taste
Romantic Comedy

Recommended. Lee Min Ho’s face is super worth this drama. Fun and Light

7. Mary Stayed Out All Night
Romantic Comedy.

I haven’t finished this too. There is just something lacking that was unable to grasp my interest in the drama. I tried to watch until halfway to give it a chance.

8. My Girl
Romantic Comedy

Recommended and liked by a lot of fans. Personally, it is a good drama but not that great for me probably because I didn’t like the acting much.

9. Endless Love: Autumn in My Heart
Romance, Drama, Classic

Highly Recommended. Tear-jerker. Very interesting and romantic drama that is definitely memorable.

10. Endless Love: Winter Sonata
Romance, Drama, Classic

Highly Recommended. Tear-jerker. Not so good as Autumn in my heart but the drama is still great.

11. Stairway to Heaven


12. Dae Jangeum/Jewel in the Palace


13. Jumong


14. My Girlfriend is a Gumiho


15. Heartstrings/You’ve Fallen for Me

16. Romance Town

17. Lie to Me

18. The World that They Live in

19. Goong/Princess Hours

20. Sweet 18

21. Protect the Boss

22. Secret Garden

23. Dream High

24. Dream High 2

25. Sungkyunkwan Scandal

26. Me Too, Flower

27. Take Care of the Young Lady/ My Fair Lady

28. City Hunter

29. Shut up Flower Boy Band

30. The Moon that Embraces the Sun

31. Myung Wol the Spy

32. Rooftop Prince

33. Witch Yoo Hee

34. What’s Up

35. Queen Inhyun’s Man

36. Big

37. 49 Days

38. King 2 Hearts

39. Ojakgyo Brothers

40. Bridal Mask

41. I Need Romance

42. I Need Romance 2

43. Faith

44. Princess’ Man

45. Gentleman’s Dignity

46. Full House 2

47. Innocent Man/Nice Guy

48. To the Beautiful You

49. Arang and the Magistrate

50. Rascal Sons

51. Iljimae

52. Reply 1997

53. Can We Get Married

54. School 2013

55. Flower Boy Next Door

56. Level 7 Civil Servant

57. Color of a Woman

58. Operation Proposal

59. Ma Boy

60. I Do, I Do

61. Prosecutor Princess

62. Oh My Lady

63. That Winter the Wind Blows

64. Still, Marry Me

65. I Heart Lee Tae Ri

66. Tamra the Island

67. I Hear your Voice

68. Jang Ok Jung: Live on Love

69. Monstar


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