[Photos|Reviews] Reliving Blue Moon in Philippines Part 2

One of my insanely happiest night ever. It was my first time to witness them live personally. The happiness cannot be contained and is definitely no words can describe how awesome the experience is. They are truly truly awesome!!!, CNBlue forever!!! 🙂


Another highlight of this concert or any other concert for that matter, was the gathering of the fans. It’s a moment where we get to meet our fellow fans in person who we only get to interact online or via mobile before the concert. In my case, I was really overwhelmed and touched… even to the point of crying in front of other boices in a public area. *.* I received so much gifts, support and love from my fellow boices, foreign or local. I can’t help but be teary-eyed. It was a tiring day for most admins running a fansite, fanbase or fanclub. We hardly had any sleep for a week, no proper meal or even enough to drink. It was a hot day. LOL! But, a very memorable ONE! I got to meet a lot of Boices… you know who you are. It’s a pity we can’t spend…

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