[Scan|Trans] The FNC no. 02: CN MUSIC – Jung Yonghwa (I’m A Loner)

Really love this guy, he’s really the type of person for me that you’ll keep loving as you get to know him more… Interesting since The first time i saw him back in 2009 on screen, I just thought he’s handsome but I was not very much charmed (as much compared when I first saw Lee Min Ho, honestly) but as years pass by and as I watched every possible show and read any possible articles/ interviews about him, I liked him more and more, more than any Korean star there is. I just kind of felt sad in the parts of the interview where he honestly expressed how much limited he felt that he can’t do stuff that he enjoys anymore like how he used to without covering or taking care of his image.. just wish him more and more happiness and that loneliness will as much as possible rarely come to him… because the smiling Yonghwa (the bigger the smile and the more genuine, the better!!) is the image that me and alongside many fans will always love to see. ^^~



Jung Yonghwa has the potential to make people around him to smile, not just when he is happy but even when he is tired, he could choose to rest but still trying to make others happy by teasing them (though he said this was a way to chase his sleepiness). There is always laughter besides Yonghwa and it never stop. And yet now we are asking Yonghwa about loneliness, something that is not really seen from the happy-go-lucky Yonghwa, especially when his cold image from debut has been thrown into the fairy world.

LONER –If I want to talk about lonely, basically I never felt lonely before, just never feel real lonely. Family? About separation from family? As we were together everyday, it does feel lonely at the start when just separated, no family by my side, friends are also in Busan, so at this kind of time I would…

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