Korean Drama List: My Favorites

*spread the korean drama love*
1. Princess’s Man


One of my favorite historical romantic korean drama of all time… It’s like Romeo and Juliet but filled with more romance and with a touch of Korean classic emotional filled drama that will surely bring you in a roller coaster of emotions. I bet you will never regret watching this, and I have never get tired of going through this drama for about 5 times already. Because of this drama, i became a fan of Moon Chae Won, the charismatic and strong leading actress in this drama. šŸ™‚ I just love how the romance build up between the two characters and how they overcome each and every obstacle that tried to rip them apart. And the ending, well it was not as I expected but I think that it was good unpredictable one. šŸ™‚

2. Bridal Mask


If you haven’t heard of Bridal Mask/Gaksital then you’re missing a lot.. šŸ˜› I am not a big fan of action filled Korean drama but this is definitely an exception, because it is just so awesome that no matter what genre you’re a fan of, you’ll definitely find this drama worthwhile. This drama is emotionally strong that through the series you too will feel the hunger of the characters for their freedom… and Bridal Mask, well he became my favorite hero alongside superheroes of the Avengers, šŸ™‚ with just a wooden flute and martial arts skills, Gaksital will definitely inspire you because the story started out the unconventional way… You will hate the lead actor at first, believe me, I love the actor Joo won a lot but his character in the first parts will definitely make you want to just slap him in the face.. but as you go through the story, you’ll love him as much or even more than how you hated him because you will see how he grows and how he tries to make up for his mistakes, his mistakes that were done also because of his love for his family… And lastly, the bromance of Joo won and Park Ki Wong (Kangto/Gaksital and Shunji) will just pierce your heart because you’ll definitely feel how their friendship changes. The ending is so great, it definitely left an impact on me. This Drama, I definitely recommend, the story is very heartfelt and the acting is superb, a must see and one of the best worthwhile heart-filled drama of all time. šŸ™‚

3. Queen Inhyun’s Man



Romantic Comedy and Time travel at its finest… One of the few dramas that I watched without knowing anyone from the lead actors and actresses… I haven’t had high hopes for this drama because I was just watching it when I was waiting for the new episodes of the very popular Rooftop Prince but the magic of this drama came to me and I finished it first than RP and in just 2 days. Time Travel at its finest because unlike the conventional way, the lead guy can go through the present and also back to the past (yup, he can go back and forth through time) which triggered my curiosity on how this drama will end. And the chemistry between the two is just superb, no wonder they ended up dating in real life (see pic no. 3, a behind the scene photo <3) The lead actor is not the ultimately handsome Lee Minho-Kim Bum level but he is definitely charming, so charming that every sweet thing he does on the drama melts me, I am so envious of the girl. The lead guy is also very smart and witty that's why his character is so likeable. A great twist of time travel rom-com and a must see. The ending, you may or may not get… It took me some time before I understand it but Its definitely sweet. The kiss scenes, well there are a lot and you'll just love them, so sweeet.. ā¤

4. Dream High


Dream high, my favorite school drama of all time.. šŸ™‚ Yea, despite the haters of this drama I just love it… It is the first drama ever that until the last episode, I have no idea which of the two guys will end up with the lead actress.That’s right,it challenged the common idea that lead guy end up with lead girl leaving the oh so perfect and romantic second lead guy heartbroken (which gives me the second guy syndrome all the time).. Honestly, she did not end up with the guy I’m rooting for her but I understand her choice.. And the story is good because it did not only center on the leads but also the gave enough time to show the stories of the other actors. The songs are great, I have the complete OST in my iPad. šŸ™‚ And I love the character of the lead actress.. I am more of a fan of strong tough lead girl than the sweet nice girl which explains why I like this. I like how the lead girl matured and changes her not-so-good attitude after experiencing events which I find realistic enough to change a person… and i also liked how the antagonist developed in the story… šŸ™‚

Other dramas that I like and have already uploaded (see Watch Korean Dramas Eng Sub heading for the links) 5. Ma Boy 6. Full House 7. Playful Kiss 8. You’re Beautiful –For my review of Ma Boy,Full House, Playful Kiss and You’re Beautiful go to this link:
https://yellowbunny24.wordpress.com/2013/04/02/mykoreandramareviews/ What are your favorite korean dramas? Or are there any dramas that you suggest as well? comment away. šŸ™‚


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