Unexpected hotel visit to CNBlue by Entertainment Relay


The most recent KBS TV “Entertainment Relay” episode featured one of the top performing groups in Korea. CNBLUE became part of “Entertainment Relay’s target list as the staff decided to visit their hotel without the groups knowing about it. As the crew went inside CNBLUE’s room, they found the group resting while Jung Yong Hwa is at peace in his bed.



Suddenly, Yong Hwa was bothered by someone’s presence in their room so he decided to wake up. He was stunned by Entertainment Relay’s candid visit to their room. As he started to be conscious of his appearance while the camera focused on him, everyone else agreed that he still looked handsome even in an unexpected wake up call.
(A/N: Yeah, Yonghwa still looks charming as ever even if he was unprepared, loving his awkward surprised face in the pic… It is so like him to be so self conscious when there is a surprise camera that went inside his room, keukeu ^^~ Yong choding)

Other members of the group particularly Kang Min Hyuk and Lee Jong Hyun weren’t bothered at all that their room is invaded by unexpected visitors and continued on with their sleeping and playing their guitars. Lee Jung Shin, the youngest member and bassist was the unofficial guide for the Entertainment Relay crew, and shared about how his room was always the one invaded by his older members after every concert. (A/N: Lol, Jungshin is so like the group’s ‘slave’, and he is sooo funny) As the crew focused on their bare faces, Kang Min Hyuk started to joke around making the staff laugh as CNBLUE’s drummer kept saying he wanted to look good on the screen (A/N: CNblue’s most vain member, puppy Minhyuk ^^)


KBS TV program “Entertainment Relay” caters surprises to Korean audiences and features a lot of Hallyu stars and idols. Most of the time they tend to visit unexpectedly in shoots and venues where they target unknowing Hallyu stars. In their last episode, they also targeted Super Junior’s Kyuhyun, Girl’s Generation YoonA and f(x) member Sulli. The staff invaded the trio while their filming a CF and conducted up close interviews.

SOURCE: kpopstarz.com


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